Sid’s Carpet Barn

This is a true “Family” success story that has been 63 years in the making. The founder of Sid’s Carpet Barn was already in the flooring industry before opening Sid’s in 1950. Sidney Rubin first started in Flooring, in the mid 1940’s, by working for D & E Walters, as a wholesale representative selling to the trade. Sid amassed a quick knowledge of retail flooring, and a great reputation, and decided to open his own retail store at Sid’s current location of 132 W. 8th Street, in National City selling used furniture he obtained from friends and relatives in the furniture business which they picked up when it was repossessed. He called the business Sid’s Furniture Barn. The actual Barn is somewhere around 120 years old and was actually used as a hay barn when National City and surrounding areas were mostly agricultural.

In 1956/57, Sid’s changed the name to Sid’s Carpet Barn as he was selling more carpet than furniture. Sid’s forte was selling mostly first quality close-outs, short rolls and 2nds of carpets. The marketing approach was to have piles and piles of carpet choices ranging from $2.99 per square yard to a high of $9.99 per square yard. Customers would come to the Barn and tell the sales person “I’ll take 30 yards of that carpet over there.” The warehouse men would physically pull the roll from the pile and cut the necessary amount and either the customer would take the carpet with them or have one of
Sid’s installers put it in the next day. If the customer did not find what they wanted there was no ability to special order a carpet because there were no displays and no deck boards to make choices from. Either Sid’s had the carpet and pad in inventory or the customer went somewhere else to buy what they wanted. Sadly, in 1976, Sid Rubin passed away unexpectedly, and his wife Jeanette took over controls of running the business. One of Jeanette’s first business decisions was to find and hire Lou Silverstein. Lou was the manager of a very large retail carpet store called New York World of Carpet. He was considered to be an expert in managing retail flooring. He began his employment as manager at Sid’s Carpet Barn in 1977, and just coincidently, that same year, the SDCFCA named its annual golf championship “the Sid Rubin Memorial Award” in honor of the late Sid Rubin.

Due to an eye injury, Lou Silverstein could not get a California drivers license, so his wife would drive him to work each day, and someone would drive him home at night. Sid’s started using television advertising t in the mid 1980’s, and evolved into becoming a Padre’s Baseball sponsor by 2000. Lou’s tenure led to the hiring of Chris Hadley in 1995 as General Manager of the retail division and his vast experience, in retail flooring sales, helped usher in expanded categories like stone, hardwood and high end carpets.
Jeanette Rubin remained the owner of Sid’s until 1983, when she sold her interests to her son-in-law, Allan Ziman, and his brother Curtis Ziman. Curt was in charge of overseeing the entire business, as Allan remained a practicing attorney. In 1985 Sid’s opened a new division targeting tenant improvement and property management. That same year Don Pasquill was hired to manage the property management and tenant improvement division of Sid’s and steadily grew the new contract division by expanding into hospitality, new apartments, government and military. At this time Sid’s opened a new division called Curtis Allan Floor Covering to handle higher end tenant improvement, hospitality and military business. During his time as President, Curt grew Sid’s Carpet Barn into one of the top nationwide retailer’s in the United States. If you were in the San Diego area, back in the mid 1980’s, you probably remember the fire that happened at one of the Sid’s Carpet Barn’s warehouses in National City. Everyone thought the fire actually burned down the old Barn on 8th street but in fact it had not. However this was a very trying time for Sid’s Carpet Barn and almost ended the business. It’s another great tribute to Curt Ziman, how he managed the business through all that happened, to rebuild not only the reputation of the Barn, but the business itself!

In 1994, the contract division of Curtis Allan Floor Covering opened its 2nd location in Riverside County, to better service the needs of their customers in the growing property management business. In 1996 Curt decided to retire with the result that Curt sold his interest to Allan and his family in 1997 and Allan decided to leave his 23 year career as a lawyer to take over the controls of Sid’s.Also in 1997, Sid’s Carpet Barn decided to become a member of the Abbey Carpet buying group to strengthen the positioning of Sid’s in the Southern California flooring industry. Over the next 10 years Sid’s expands into a total of 4 current locations with 3 in San Diego and 1 in Corona in Riverside County. In 2005, Allan’s son Jared, and daughter Stacy, join Sid’s and are today an integral part of everyday operations. Today, it’s estimated that with over 200 employees, that 75 – 80% of all Sid’s Carpet Barn sales are still Carpet.

When asked a few of Allan’s favorite SDCFCA industry moments he recalled when Sid’s employees, Don Pasquill and Bob Troup, would battle for the annual trophy of the Sid Rubin Memorial Award at the SDCFCA annual golf outing, and when Allan and Bob Wood, Sid’s VP of Operations, won the grand prize of $500.00 at two of the dinner ceremonies.

Sid’s Carpet Barn and Curtis Allan Floor Covering have given back to the San Diego County Floor Covering Association through sponsorships, membership and numerous volunteers on the board of directors, and at many social functions. Sid’s Carpet Barn is certainly one of the most active and generous SDCFCA members in our history. Thank You Sid’s! You can see more of their history and company details at